Ways to fix the out of paper error on an HP Printer!
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  • 06 Jul 2020

Ways to fix the out of paper error on an HP Printer!

The rise in technology has been massive in the current era with lots of people using it daily. Whether it's printing documents in offices on a small scale to printing banners for commercial use, the printer has played an important part. In terms of home and home office, small to large businesses and enterprises, HP Printer is a top choice for so many years. But sometimes when you work on the HP Printer, you might see a message on the screen of your computer or laptop saying “HP Printer out of paper”. This error can delay your working processes as the printer tends to not

In the out of paper error, the printer doesn’t pick up the paper or feed the paper from the tray for printing purposes. In some cases, the printer tends to make noises as if it is printing but the paper just doesn’t move through in the HP Printer. This error happens mainly due to the outdated firmware or software issues on the digital device. Other reasons for the out of paper error on the HP Printer are the dust or contaminated paper rollers or bad condition of the paper in the tray. Some of the ways to fix the out of paper error on an HP Printer are as under:

  • Printer reset - Firstly, make sure that your printer is turned on for resetting purposes. Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer and then unplug the power cord from the socket. Thereafter, you must wait for at least 15 seconds to plug in the power cord into the socket. Reconnect the power cord to the printer and turn it on again by pressing the power button.
  • Check the quality of the paper and reload it - Issues in the paper feed for printing purposes mainly happens because of the dusty, creased, wet, or split up paper in the tray. To check the paper quality, you have to remove the stack of paper from the tray. Thereafter, you must examine the paper condition and replace it if there are any quality issues. Ensure that there are at least 10 sheets and at most 25 sheets of paper in a stack.
  • Clean the HP Printer rollers - After regular use of the printer, the dirt tends to accumulate in the rollers of the printer which leads to the paper feed errors. Clean the rollers by firstly turning off the printer and unplugging its power cord. Use the lint-free cloth and fresh water to clean the rollers and leave it to dry before turning on the printer by plugging in the power cable for normal use.

You can use these aforementioned ways to fix the out of paper error on your HP Printer efficiently to get it up and running again. Still, if you are facing an issue with your printer then you can contact our experts available on the HP Printer support number +1-800-201-6884 for prompt help. We provide tech support services 24/7 for giving you the best possible solution to all your issues regarding HP Printer. Our experts guide you in a proficient manner to ensure that you can get your printer in its optimum working condition at the earliest.

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