Are Driver Updates Necessary For Printers?

Are Driver Updates Necessary For Printers?
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  • 03 Jul 2021

What is a Printer Driver?

Every type of hardware needs drivers to control and manage it to ensure the working of all the systems are in place. These driver programs work on establishing smooth communication between an operating system and the hardware with which it is connected.

Essentially Printers are important hardware devices that use the technology that needs drivers which need to be updated regularly.  Failing to do it or working on the existing ones can hinder the translation of what you exactly want your printers to do.

In simpler terms, it means the Drivers are the translators that let the user interact easily. If they fail it would not reach the printers to function and deliver the output according to the instructions prescribed by us.

Printer Driver Get The Print Job Run Smoothly

How does Fixing Printers Issues With Driver Updates important? You may ask, well it is quite simple because drivers are the piece of software that basically gives signals to a Printer to WHAT to print and HOW it should be done. And Printer Driver just like any other software sends regular updates for bug fixes, latest improvements, vulnerabilities, fixing speed, etc.

Fortunately ensuring that we have the most up-to-date Printer Driver installed is a pretty easy task. Simply search and run your device’s software update tool and it should automatically check for any new versions inside the systems of your printer driver.

For Windows devices, you should simply run Windows Updates, and for Mac devices, or just run through App Store Updates.

Running printer driver updates can be easy but for some, it is a tedious and confusing job, so let us show you an example of how to do it.

For instance, if you want to update the drivers of a Canon Printer

First, ensure that your Windows update is complete:

Method #1: Go to the Canon support website and go through all the steps that are mentioned. Here you will be given 2 solutions for updating the drivers, namely- by using the “installer” or by “adding the printer wizard”.

Updating Canon Driver Through Device Manager

 Step 1: Click the Windows key and then press "R", in the Run dialog box type "devmgmt.msc"

The Device Manager dialog box will be opened

Step 2: Find your canon printer under the "Print Queue" option.

Step 3: Right-click on your canon printer that your want to update, click on the "Update driver" option.

Printers like Canon comes with automatic driver updates, but sometimes the technology doesn’t work and we have to do it manually.

In HP printers you are given an HP smart app, to access tons of features including the updates. Same as them every company has their driver updates information explained on their website You just have to go to the manufacturer’s website where you will find software and printer driver support option most will also include a download list of their latest printer drivers on their respective support pages.

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