Common Dell Laser Printer Errors and Their Solutions

Common Dell Laser Printer Errors and Their Solutions
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  • 10 May 2021

The Dell Laser Printer is one of the best companies in the printer market. However, as hardware goes by its errors, Dell’s users also go through numerous error codes every now and then.

Here are some of the error codes and their quick troubleshooting tips on fixing these errors effectively.

DELL Error code: 016-370

[Restart Printer]

This is an error message concerned with you restarting the printer. Switch off the printer and then try to connect it via the USB cable. Press the hold for few seconds and then cancel buttons simultaneously. Then power on the printer again.

The printer LCD display will show you a message saying 'ready for download mode'. Then you will at last need to initialize the firmware update process of the printer.

Error message: [Print head error]

A very common error message typically happens when the printer head is not cleaned enough. Installing software that cleans the head of the printer is a good option. You may also try clicking on 'start' then go to 'settings' and then 'printers'. Select your (error-ed) printer and right-click on it then go to 'properties'. See there if the software is properly installed/working or not.

Error code: 009-360

[The Yellow Toner Cartridge CRUM communication failure is detected]

The error relates to the Dell laser printer only recognizing the yellow toner as 'missing one’. Hence it means that you need to replace the Dell toner with a new one. This problem occurs when the installed toner is a re-manufactured one.

(This error happens typically in the Dell Laser color printers).

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009-361: [The Magenta Toner Cartridge CRUM communication failure is detected]

009-362: [The Cyan Toner Cartridge CRUM communication failure is detected]

009-363: [The Black Toner Cartridge CRUM communication failure is detected]

Diagnosing these problems concludes: Switch the printer on and off and switching off the cartridges.

Error type: [Fail to print black text]

This type of printing error happens because of a problem with the power supply. You need to check power cables of Dell printers are connected properly or not and that all the desired connections are in place.

Error type: [Printing text in red]

This can happen but you needn’t worry! When you see your Dell’s spouting red text papers it means that you need to clean the nozzle heads. Try cleaning the tube because it generally happens if the color unit is still not properly clean.

Error code: 1200 [Loose Cartridge]

This error code can be with the Dell 922 printer. In this, you might see the cartridge moving or have been loosely installed inside the printer. Try to tighten the strings attached which are normally located on the back of the printer and then it will work fine.

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