Easy Worksheet Tips When Printing In Microsoft Excel

Easy Worksheet Tips When Printing In Microsoft Excel
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  • 14 Jun 2021

Understanding how to make the appearance of your company's documents is essential to conveying both manner and professionalism. If your company uses Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software, you should have access to a number of customizable options through which you can improve the quality of the display and how your worksheets must look at the end when they're printed off.

How to Keep Excel Gridlines in Printing

By default, Excel may sometimes do not show the worksheet gridlines when you want to preview or take outputs of a print sheet, even if the grid lines are visible on the computer version of the sheet.

If you want to print the excel gridlines, follow these simple steps, to change one of the Page Setup settings:

  • First Go on the Excel taskbar, you'll see the Page Layout tab, select the option,
  • A window will open, you'll see Print Titles, select the option to open the Page Setup window.
  • Now In the Page Setup window, the Sheet tab gets active -- if not, then select the Sheet tab.
  • In the Print section, you'll see multiple checkboxes, make sure to place a check on the Gridlines tab, lastly, click OK.

How To Print All Sheets In One Go

Instead of printing excel sheets one at a time,  take these steps to see how to print all the sheets in an Excel file at once.

  • Select any cell, right-click on it, and then select the option "Select All Sheets" or just press Ctrl + A
  • Then go to the Quick Access Toolbar, and select the Print and Preview command. Another way is to open the File menu and then click the Print option from there
  • Print preview the sheets, the return to your Excel sheet.

Go back to the workbook also remember to not leave the sheets grouped though or you could end up overwriting some of the information.

How To Print Only The Table Leaving Every Other Stuff

To print a named particular Excel table, without printing every item on the worksheet, follow these steps:

  • Select either cell in the table
  • Click on the File tab, and then click the Print option.
  • In the first drop-down window list under Settings, choose the option of Print Selected Table
  • Then, select the Print command from the top

If you want to do this frequently, then add the command to your Quick Access Toolbar. In the "All Commands" area, look for the "Print List" option.

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