Eliminating HP LASERJET P1005 Engine Scanner Errors

Eliminating HP LASERJET P1005 Engine Scanner Errors
  • Tech Support Helpline
  • 18 May 2021

The HP LaserJet Printers are the newest additions in the printer world. With their high-end features, reliability, and spacing-saving compactness these are the latest best innovations in terms of everything a user would want from a printer. But you have heard most certainly that the more the machine is packed with technology the more they are to face problems/errors associated with it. And the most basic one in Laserjets P1005 is the engine scanning error.

These are the following errors that come in HP Laserjet P1005

Error 12 & 13: The scanner motors will not be able to trace your home position.

Error 16: The scanner has CIS (Contact Image Sensors) who reads the images with its sensor. In this error, however, the CIS is not able to communicate with your printers.

Error 17: This error indicates that the position of your scanner must be incorrect. Correct the error by finding out if an object is blocking the scanner heads.

Error 23: This is the error of scanner calibration. Meaning that the problem is with your cables and it is a possibility that they are not properly connected.

You must sure to follow these guidelines if you are to resolve the HP Laserjet P1995 Engine Scanning Error:

1. Basic first way to solve any problem is to Switch off your printer and disconnect the power cord from the source, wait for few minutes before restarting it back again.

2. In most cases there is a connection problem. Check the cable connection is thorough.

3. Clean the power cord and reconnect it properly.

4. Now check the formatted card in the hardware, try to replace it. If the error still persists, then the problem is arising from your scanner.

5. So now we need to check the scanner. Problems may be related to the cable or the motor or from the gears within the bracket.

6. Open the motors and clean them properly.

(In most cases, the bracket may have been broken down, if that is the case then you had to visit a service centre for replacing it. This problem is a minor one and can be solved easily).

7. After cleaning the motor, you need to now check the gears. If they are too tightened up, then loosen them. If the gears of the scanner remain tight, the motor cannot take the load of print and results in the error.

8. Connect with the power source again and check if your scanner HP problems are solved or not.

Now these were the steps to solve this error, but working yourself sometimes with not much experience can cause the hardware or the PC to damage, but no worries work yourself with the best guidance on printer problems and gain 100% confident results by contacting  Printer Tech Support Number +1-888-751-4951.

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