Follow the steps for resetting the HP color cartridge

Follow the steps for resetting the HP color cartridge
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  • 01 Jul 2019

If you are using an HP printer and if you are not aware about the process of resetting color cartridge then this blog will help you to do that. Basically, there is a chip that is present inside the every HP color cartridge which fundamentally for communicating with the printer.  This chip helps in demonstrating the message of low in the cartridges. It has been seen that the error message of low ink would be shown even in the wake of replacing the cartridges and this is the place it winds up pivotal that you reset them. When you manually reset the ink cartridges, it would save a great deal of time and cash. You would likewise be spared from experiencing the pointless cautioning of low ink. You can comprehend this issue in a perfect world by experiencing this blog. The users additionally have the alternative of instantly interfacing with HP Printer Support Number to instant help in regards to this issue. 

Below are the steps to reset the HP cartridges below:

  • After you have effectively refilled or replaced the cartridges, search the base of the cartridge. You might find six copper contact strips at the base. 
  • Ensure that you keep the cartridge before you in such a way, that you can see the copper strips confronting you. 
  • Now, put a bit of tape on the highest point of the contact in the subsequent segment. 
  • After you have set the tape, set the cartridge back into the printer. In the event that you face an error message overlook it and, at that point print a test page. 
  • Now, expel the cartridge from the printer and keep the tape on it. Further spot another tape on the highest point of the contact which is in the 6th column. 
  • You would now need to put the cartridge in the printer and print a test page overlooking the error message. 
  • At long last, evacuate the cartridge again and remove all the tape that you had put on the contacts. 
  • Now when you supplant the cartridge in the printer, you would most likely observe that the ink level is shown as full. 

Choose cycling the Cartridges 

  • You can take up this alternative if the main choice does not work for you. In this procedure, you would require additional shading cartridges. 
  • Presently place the refilled cartridge in the printer while overlooking the error message that is being shown. 
  • Take the refilled cartridge out and after that supplant it with the extra cartridge. Disregard the mistake message that you would get and print an arrangement page. 
  • When you are finished with this progression, evacuate the subsequent cartridge and supplant it with the other extra cartridge that you have. 
  • Again select to print an arrangement page. 
  • When you have done all the said advances, expel and supplant all the extra cartridges with the refilled cartridges. After you have done this progression, you would most likely observe that your ink levels are presently demonstrated to be full. 

In case you need more help while putting these means enthusiastically, at that point you can interface with the HP Printer 800 Number  +1-800-903-5832. They would furnish you with all the required help regarding this issue. 

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