How Paper Cut Is The Best Software For Business Printing?

How Paper Cut Is The Best Software For Business Printing?
  • Tech Support Helpline
  • 16 Mar 2021

Papercut is an efficient printing software that enables a user with features that are affordable and that are easily controllable to manage their printing the smart way. 

It is firstly easy to use, secondly, this management software provides you to keep track of your printer and their workings, how well they are producing output and when are they not working. The information you get from these will allow you to allocate your budget and printing services, saving cost papers, and also the impact on the environment. 

PaperCut Features:

Awards & Sustainable Practices - It is a bit ironic if we go with the wordplay, that ‘Paper Cut’ also just recently won an award for thoughtful printing and saving paper for the printer. Their motto stands true when they say- Cut Waste, Track Printing and Save Money. That is right, Paper cut won an award from the illustrious Print IT reseller magazine for being the most sustainable and ensuring responsible printing practices in the business in 2020.  

According to their latest article, their software has been used by over 112 million users in about 186 countries that are continuing to encourage users to use sustainable methods for printing. This tree-saving company according to them has saved, 2.337 billion sheets until now which equals 280,451 trees until today.

Efficient Tracking - Papercut Printing Software makes it easy for efficient office printing. It keeps Job logs to make understand every level of printing, such as by username, pages, department, date, cost per page, document name, the status of the pages, etc. these all make it easy for top users, administrators to keep tabs on every printing history and activity.  It gives full access to the administration. Alongside that, they have a "Printer List" option that displays what type of printer is being used and a flow chart to keep a better understanding of printers utilization.

‘Find Me’ Feature – A Find Me feature gets you to work whenever you want to, meaning the printing can be stored for future use, so when you want to use a print you then pick up the prints and produce the output at your leisure time. This function is also known to reduce wastes letting the business save up to 20% of their energy and carbon footprint. 

Mobile Printing & Tracking - PaperCut Application Software is also designed for mobile app, to help solve challenges related to mobile printing. Businesses, as well as individuals, have access to the full range of PaperCut MF features on their smartphones, tablets, and other smart cellular devices, to keep every update of your printing in your pockets. 

Lastly, PaperCut has been in this industry for 22 years and have been continuing their strides for keeping the environment and printing healthy. It avoids username clashes, maximizes the efficiency of businesses, gives a cloud storage facility, tracks every print in the logs, holds a printer user accountable for sustainable use of environmental products, and overall promotes responsible practices for business. 

If you need more guidance, ideas, help regarding your printers then do not shy away from contacting the printer support helpline where a group of printing experts helps every printer user to solve their problems.

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