How to block spam emails on the AOL Mail account?

How to block spam emails on the AOL Mail account?
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  • 04 Jul 2020

AOL provides the facility to its users to do email on their web-based service called the AOL Mail. It is available for free to all the users by creating a mail account with AOL. This service is sometimes known as AIM Mail which is called AOL Instant Messenger Mail. In any mail, the information stored digitally does get exchanged between two users with the use of telecommunications technology. You can use the AOL Mail to interact with your friends and do official business.


Details about blocking the emails facility of the AOL Mail

There are other major facilities that the AOL provides on the mail account to you and it includes blocking the emails from certain individuals, services, businesses, and more. There is an option of blocking 1,000 email addresses on the AOL Mail which can be accessed via the Mail Controls component. It can happen without any need to download a plug-in, access a third-party application, or purchasing drivers. Unblocking the email addresses can also happen with the AOL Mail if required.

Blocking the mail account option in AOL Mail is very useful especially when you get too many spam emails in the inbox. It's because there can be tons of spam and unwanted email in your AOL Mail that occupies a lot of space. A messed up inbox in the AOL Mail can be a reason to miss an important mail related to your personal or professional significance. With that, using the facility of blocking the spam emails on the AOL Mail helps you in eradicating these issues.


Steps to block spam emails on AOL Mail

You can either follow the steps to block spam emails on or use a third-party mail blocker app or extension to block spam emails on your AOL Mail.

  • You have to start by login to your AOL Mail account on the web browser by accessing the AOL website with the login credentials.
  • Type in the username, and current password to access your account.
  • Check for the “Settings” box that appears on your AOL Mail account screen and then click on it. “Mail Control” in that box and press “Enter”.
  • In the search result, you have to select the option of “Block mail from the addresses I specify”.
  • Enter the email addresses that you want to block in the text box whether individuals, services, businesses, and more.
  • Ensure that each email address is separated with a comma entered by you.
  • Click on the “Save” button to complete blocking the spam email addresses on your AOL Mail account.

You can take real advantage of the blocking the email address option available with the AOL Mail. This allows you to get rid of spam emails in your mail account that can be a real menace in terms of having communication with others for personal or professional needs. But if you are having an issue with using the block email option on the AOL Mail then you can connect with us on our AOL Mail support number +1-800-903-5832. Our customer representatives are available 247 at your service to rectify all the issues regarding the use of the AOL Mail blocking option proficiently.

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