How To Choose The Right Printing Paper For Fine Arts & Photos in InkJet Printers

How To Choose The Right Printing Paper For Fine Arts & Photos in InkJet Printers
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  • 12 Feb 2021

With the wealth and diversity of Inkjet Printing Papers & types of hardware available in the market, today there resides a question in artists brains about the quality of the paper to be used, especially for the people who belong to art creating and selling industry- they want a paper that could hold their art precisely, the way every artist imagine their images to the be-a state of the art. After all, we are transferring a created art on another surface, what if it gets wavered or reduce its quality? So it becomes essential to find a paper that will perfectly display the quality that is needed.

But the number of choices available today can simply make a person overwhelmed, for some it could be so bad that they will prefer their images to be ensconced on the web, forever nestling in a sheltered place that is the internet screen, it is quite literally a bummer if we cannot find a right paper type for our prints right? Lustre Mettalic Matte or Glossy, to create Inkjet fine arts and photo prints, what do you prefer?

Below we have curated lists of all of the information about all types of paper there is for printing in Inkjet Printers.

What Kinds Of Paper are Available| Paper Types

Resin Coated (RC) Inkjet Photo Papers

RC paper surfaces range from glossy to semi-glossy, luster, pearl, satin, etc. These darkroom papers come with a base that is plastic who is thereby sealed between two polyethylene layers and then coated with a layer of microporous inkjet receptive emulsion. The back layer of which is clear and the surface white for increasing the brightness of the image. RC paper offers glossiness, smoothness, whiteness, opacity and prevents the picture from being affected by heavy ink loads, distortion, or wrinkling of paper often known as "cockling". 

In comparison to matte paper, Resin paper is of more waterproof quality,  By far, these are the most affordable and most widely accepted paper for inkjet papers by most consumers. Specifically, in case They deliver deep blacks and sheer whites, great contrast, and sharpness, and are certainly appropriate for a variety of printing arts. They are usually the go-to papers supply for portrait and wedding photographers.

They are pretty great papers and used by many, but RC paper is not nearly as popular today as it was before, because the artists who want the quality of art interpreted correctly, they crease easily and are too thin and plastic-type, though this type of paper was popular ages back among press and newspaper printing as the press industry needed fast images broadcasting for breaking news.

Metallic Inkjet Papers

For luminescence shine and more dramatic appeal of pictures Metallic Paper Prints are used, These printing papers have that iridescent effect embedded itself onto it, the pearl white shimmer gives the colors or print to shine to its full effect, giving it its luxuriant brilliance. Metallic kinds are the favorite among photographers who, like to give their pictures that kind of finish. It creates a 3D effect and depth to the pictures to be more precise. Additionally, these types of papers are immune to curling and tearing making them the most durable type.

Although a fingerprint can be an issue with these! These are the hottest choices and works best with pictures that have a vehicle, object planes, or any other machinery.


Fibre Based Inkjet Papers are made of substrates namely- cotton rag fibers or high-grade wood pulp, upon which an ink coating is directly placed. The ink-receptive layer upon the paper allows the character of the paper to add those extra expressive qualities to the print.

3. Fiber-Based Baryta Papers 

The term Baryta originates from the compound name “Barite”- barium sulfate, it is a natural mineral that provides the fiber papers their smooth finish. These fiber-based papers are generally coated with this chemical to provide the sheen and texture.

Fiber-based Baryta is the most popular among photographers, and people who like their pictures, Black and White, Additionally these paper excel where other people lack, meaning this paper provides excellent sharpness, sheen, and heaviness in the texture that is not provided with Resin coated and metallic photo paper types. The photographers who want their pictures to feel good upon touch have sharp contrasts, color wide gamut, excellent tonal transitions these inkjet papers are the best.

Plus Baryta paper art print can last long up to 50 years!

4. Cotton Fiber-Based Papers

Cotton Fiber-Based Paper is also known as cotton rags or a “rag paper”, probably the most expensive paper of all, but are the ultimate papers in the matte category. Cotton Fiber bases paper comparatively lasts longer than paper made from wood pulp. The material contains strength and durability under repeated handling conditions and distressing climate temperatures.

Normally artist who sells their art prints in exhibitions chooses this type of paper for its creamier texture, archival rating, and lasting durability.

5. Alpha Cellulose Papers

These matte papers consist of the highest quality of wood pulp made from trees, then they are refined to remove unwanted compounds like acid and lignin. Because (Lignin) it can cause yellowish-ness to the paper quality. Alpha-cellulose papers are comparatively less expensive than 100% cotton papers and have a less sturdy feel to them. The term alpha-cellulose is used to distinguish these papers from pure cotton fiber papers, who also contain cellulose.

6.Hot press or Cold press papers

These papers are actually subcategories under cotton fiber or alpha-cellulose papers and are generally distinguished by their surface characteristics. These papers can be recognized as “CP” or “HP” respectively.

A hot press paper has a smooth velvety surface, while a cold press paper has a rough, textured surface Cold press papers have much more texture than a hot press paper, precisely bumpy feel to it, ranging from slightly to highly textured. The surface choices may vary widely. These papers are good for pictures of a landscape, cloudless skies, nature, and such.

Papers are not only just paper, but it is an art and a choice- especially for people who feel deeply connected to their art in a spiritual and personal way, Remember to go only for a paper that works best for you. Printing and Art are all about taking the time to learn about the quality and the measure of all the artistic choices.

And if you have any issues regarding the printers or your prints you can contact the Printer helpline number where a team will always be available 24*7 for your queries.

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