How To Fix Printer Error Code 49.4c02 In Quick Steps?

How To Fix Printer Error Code 49.4c02 In Quick Steps?
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  • 03 Nov 2020

Printer error code 49.4c02 occurs because of an issue with print jobs. If you are facing this issue, we propose you clear all the print jobs from the row first to fix the issue. If you do not know how to clear print jobs, you must go through this blog and find the answer yourself. You can seek deactivating the advanced printing properties to troubleshoot the error. Often, the error also arises when you are using “Franklin Gothic Book font”. It might sound strange but we have seen many circumstances where the same issue has gone down only when using this font.

Yet, facing Printer Error Code 49.4c02? Go through this blog post and find all the solutions yourself. Otherwise, you can also seek the help of our printer experts by using our Printer Helpline Number and let our tech experts fix your issue then.

Fix HP Printer Error Code 49.4c02 In Easy Steps
Use the below solutions one by one until the HP Printer Error Code 49.4c02 is solved.

Step 1: Try To Print A Test Page
In the first place, switch off your printer and detach cord that connects your printer to your PC. Switch on your printer without connecting it to the PC. When your printer turns on, begin to print a sample page.

If you can print a sample page without facing any issue, this shows that the problem is with the print jobs in the row which would be fixed by removing them. Otherwise, proceed further to keep troubleshooting your HP printer.

Step 2: Clear The Print Jobs From The Row
To clear the print jobs, at first, open your printer and then right-click on the Printer icon on the bottom right corner of your PC. Doing this will open the print row after which you can remove them all one after another. 

Step 3: Disable Advance Printing
To disable advance printing characters from your Printer, go after the steps given below:
1. Open Windows Logo printers and select the printer queue.
2. Do left click on the queue.
3. Choose printing preference and then clink on Advance option.
4. Clink on the advanced printing features option below the document tab.
5. Clink to disable the feature.

After obeying the above steps, try printing a sample page again to know if the HP Printer Error Code 49.4c02 is resolved or not.

Step 4: Make Sure You Are Not Using Franklin Gothic Book Font
Often, but peculiarly the issue is caused when you try to print a document with Franklin Gothic Book Font. If this is the situation with you, then you should obey the steps below:
1. Validate the “Send True Type as Bitmaps” settings in PCL 5e or PCL 6 drivers Advanced setting.
2. If using PS driver, go to the Advanced settings tab of the driver and then set the True Type Font Download to Bitmap under PostScript option.

Examine if the Printer Error Code 49.4c02 is fixed, proceed further if not. For simple troubleshooting, contact Printer Tech Support Number and let us do the complex work for you.

Step 5: Flash Your Printer Firmware
1. Turn on your printer and when it is set, print a sample page.
2. Know about your printer firmware version and then click the Select button.
3. Now open the information menu by clicking the down button.
4. Click on Select and then again click the Down button to probe the print configuration.
5. Click on Select to print out a sample page. You will see the firmware date and details on the sample page in the Printer information section.
6. Go to Start and open the Run dialog box.
7. Enter command in the box and then click Ok.
8. Find where the printer firmware is saved and copy that in the command box.
9. Click Enter and copy paste “copy /B *.RFU LPT1” in the opened box.
10. Now you are required to click the Enter key to copy the firmware file and then modernise it.
11. You will see a prompt message “Receiving Upgrade”. Make sure to not interrupt the procedure halfway as it can damage your printer gravely.

After the upgrade is completed, you will see the Ready status on your screen. Now, turn off your printer machine and wait for sometime. Turn on your printer again and print a sample page again.

Check for the printer firmware revision in the printer information section on the test page. If you still face issues, with the upgrade, obey the steps below:

Step 6: Emergency Firmware Update Procedure
1. First, turn off your printer.
2. Press and hold the Cancel button and turn on the printer at once. Doing this will light up the Ready and Attention LEDs.
3. Now you can free the cancel button and then click the select button for a few seconds and then free it.
4. Press and hold the Resume button and then release it. This will show up a message “Load File and Execute” on your printer screen.
5. Now press and hold the UP button and then release it. Continue this until you see the program file to slot 4 flash displaying.
6. Hold and press and select buttons. Do the same again, until the Download File message displays on your screen.
7. Right click on the start icon on your computer.
8. Open the Run dialog box and type CMD or COMMAND in the box.
9. Navigate to the directory where the printer firmware is saved like C:FIRMWARE. You need to type that path in the command window.
10. Hit enter and type “copy /B *.RFU LPT1” in the prompt.
11. Again hit enter to copy the firmware file and upgrade it.
12. If the upgrade is successfully started, you’ll see the “Receiving Upgrade” message on your printer screen.

Ensure there are no disturbances between the upgrade as it can cause damage to your printer badly.

You will see the Ready status on your screen after the upgrade is finished after which you need to turn off your printer device. Let it be like that for a few seconds and turn it on again.

Print a sample page and your printer firmware is added to the list under the Printer information section.

Final Roundup

If you are still experiencing Printer Error Code 49.4c02, it is time you should give us a call at our Printer Support Number to let our printer experts fix the issue for you. We will assist you get to the root cause of the issue and then fix it asap.

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