How To Make The Life Of Toner Cartridges Long Last

How To Make The Life Of Toner Cartridges Long Last
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  • 18 Feb 2021

The heart of the laser printer toners, that is responsible for printing your documents at laser speed precision, as we all know the toners and inks can become quite expensive especially the toner cartridges who costs more than the former, to replace so here are some guidelines you can follow to ensure that your toner cartridges can last long.

How To Save Ink Toner Cartridges 

First, it depends upon the way of handling and storing the cartridges which impact the long-lasting ness of the toner cartridges. You need to store and install the toner cartridges for preventing clumping, wrinkling, distortion, and avoiding all the service codes and quality of the print.

Second, most importantly, the toner cartridges must be stored at a moderate room temperature between 50°F to 77°F in dry areas, free from excessive heat, away from the radiators and direct sunlight also where the pests could not disturb them. Until you decide to use them again, the ink and toner cartridges must be kept sealed in the packaging itself. If an opened printer cartridge is not used, it will surely dry out, thereby cutting the shelf life in half.

Also depends on the position they are kept in, The toner cartridges for transport should be stored in a horizontal position and never stored vertically. At the time of installing a toner cartridge into the machine, following the correct steps for preparing the cartridge is essential. Take the guide of the user manual, Toner cartridges are of different designs because they use different technology, and it is based on this factor, that their preparing procedure is different. 

Additionally, a toner cannot dry out because it is a powder, but it can be stuck in one place if stored incorrectly. While installing the toner cartridges, they have to be shaken, Shake the toner cartridge 4-5 times. Plus do not turn the toner cartridge upside down while shaking.

On the toner cartridge box itself, the steps for preparing each toner cartridge are stepwise given. The installation instructions are given too for each machine.

A thing to always remember to preserve the toner, turn the printer off when it’s not in use. When the printer is shut off it greatly helps the cartridge's preservation and in further prevention from getting dried or clogged by debris and dirt. Only the suggested paper type of the specific printer should be used, as well as the least absorbent papers. If the wrong printer paper types are used, then Paper Jam Error is sure to be caused and yes more toners inks will be affected.

Regularly cleaning the printers by dusting their exteriors at least twice a week will prevent the dust particles' entry into the machine’s interior. You have to clean thoroughly with cotton swabs after opening the printer so that the dust, debris, paper particles, or hair does not get into the cartridges causing them to gum up.

Extending the life of the printer toner cartridges is possible by following the steps explaining its proper usage. These discussed steps will help you to use the toner cartridges for a long and with much efficiency.

Toner cartridges can be stored for years, all it depends on you, how are you keeping cleaning and storing them. For more inquiries about ink toners and printers call Printer customer support experts who are available 24*7 for any issue or problems.

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