How to Set up AOL Mail in Windows Mail?

How to Set up AOL Mail in Windows Mail?
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  • 16 Apr 2019

If you have an AOL online account, but from a while, you are not using AOL as your internet service provider, yet you can still continue using your email account with any of internet connection. Especially this would be beneficial for you when you have been using the account for work or have a number of personal contacts that know you by your older username or address. 

This is particularly helpful in case you have been utilizing the account for work or have various individual contacts that know you through your more established username or address. you would now be able to utilize your American Online email account online from any PC associated with the web, however, you can likewise add your AOL email to considerably increasingly advantageous work area programs like Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail.

Getting a Windows Live Account

Well, outlook express is one of the best desktop options, in case, you are hoping to coordinate every one of your contacts, email records and date-books progressively to your PC and PDA, at that point Windows Live Mail is the best alternative. In the event that you don't as of now have a Windows Live Account, at that point, you can get one by visiting the Windows Live Account Setup site.

Setting Up your AOL Email 

The procedure of adding an email address to your Windows Live record is incredibly direct and in reality, just incorporates two or three basic steps. Preceding beginning, in any case, you ought to make sure that both your AOL and Windows Live records are adventure up and dynamic. If this is your first time using Windows Live email you will be normally incited to enter an email, generally..., something else… On the bottom left side of the Windows, Live window locate and click the Add Email Account link.

The Email Account Wizard will start by opening a trade box. 

Enter your email address in its full setup and enter your email password. 

Snap the Remember Password checkbox in case you would favor not to need to reemerge your mystery expression as a matter of course, anyway simply do this for PCs and contraptions. 

Type in your name as you need it to appear in the "sent from" field of other people's email accounts in the Display Name field. This can be anything you need and does not have to organize your AOL customer name.
Make sure the manually Configure Servers Settings for Email Account checkbox is unchecked. Windows Live can do this normally for most online email providers.
Click OK. You will get an insistence once the American Online record has been successfully included. This should simply stop for a moment.

You would now have the capacity to peruse your AOL email and all your other email accounts you set up from one straightforward and beneficial program. You can incorporate distinctive records, using the comparative steps mentioned out above.
If in case, above-mentioned solutions steps are not efficient and you are finding any issue in performing these and it seems like not working for the problem you are facing, You can contact to the AOL Tech Support Number +1-800-903-5832 and get the instant solution and help of your queries.

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