How to Set Your HP Printer for Excellent Performance?

How to Set Your HP Printer for Excellent Performance?
  • Tech Support Helpline
  • 02 May 2019

In the world of printers, HP printers are the most popular one. This is because HP always stays with updated technology and launches their devices with the latest technology, features and functions. Printers are also no longer untouched as so we have various range HP printers available in the market with latest technology which posses’ capabilities of printing, scanning and faxing using complicated dll files and scan-protocols. Sometime you may face with some technical issues like your printer is not printing, or any other issue, that moment you may need to contact with HP technical support. But always your experience might not be good if you call them repeatedly for certain issues as you have perception in your mind that taking HP support is the best option. In spite of the fact that the perception isn't generally wrong yet there are similarly qualified individuals somewhere else who can manage software related issues in a superior manner simply because of the way that they don't consider a printer issue to be identified with a printer just yet their holistic approach towards a printer issue regarding underlying drivers lying in the PC itself.  The vendors however, neglects to see a printer issue as far as the PC itself and for the most part the PC issues are sent to the PC line and the printer issues to the printer line, the weakness being that for printer issues where it is the PC's framework records and not the printer related documents that ought to be remedied, the professional frequently neglects to take it up on account of authority obstructions and standards.

Let’s learn how one should prepare the computer so that a printer installation goes through without a hurdle especially when you are installing an HP printer. Have a look at the below mentioned steps that are very important: 
1. Updated system files of the computer which is essential for authentication, coordination between printers related system files and the operating systems own files.

2. Updated Flash files, net frameworks and properly configured security settings.

3. Consider the presence of other printer software from same or different vendors. Remember, all these printer related drivers generally goes to the "driver" folder of the c: drive and a driver clash is not very uncommon in these cases.

4. For USB connections check the physical ports first and for network connections keep the required information like SSID (network name) and the WEP encryption key handy. Keep spare Ethernet cables handy if in case a wireless connectivity fails.

5. Make sure that an Advanced Installation takes place and NOT a recommended one because in recommended installation a lot of crap-ware tends to get installed when you are installing the printer software.

6. Last but not the least important is that a virus scan using a technician's tool is necessary before you go ahead with the installation of the printer software. 

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