HP keeps Displaying the "Printer Is Offline" Message, How to Fix?

HP keeps Displaying the
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  • 04 Jun 2021

"Printer is Offline" is the most annoying message a printer user can get. Imagine working on an important project or a client asking for the immediate print outs, pretty frustrating right? But why does this happen and why is it so common among HP printers? Let us find out below the causes and the simple methods to troubleshoot the Hp Printer error. 

Basic Reasons For Offline Error Message 

1.    Out Of Paper 
2.    Paper Jams 
3.    Loose USB Connections 
4.    Connectivity Problems
5.    Printer Drivers Issues
6.    Other Hardware Problems 

How to Fix Offline Printer Error Message?

Normally you can bring your printers back by following these basic steps: 

Usually, you can bring your printer to online mode by following the basic troubleshooting steps as follows:

●    Switch on the printer and make certain that it is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC.

●    Check your USB cable wires and look whether they are properly connected if not then insert it again. Ensure that the printer is also plugged into your desktop secured and tight.

●    Switch off your wi-fi modem and again turn it on after some time. Double-check the light for flashing green.

●    Turn it off from the main power source and then turn it on the back again.
●    Switch off the printer and then switch it on after minutes. This is called rebooting your printer back to life.

●    Also, check whether your paper tray is running out or the papers are jammed inside. 

Method No 2: Re-install your Hp Printers 

Select button then goes to the Settings option, from there type Devices and select Printers and Scanners, from here remove your device you have been using. Afterward, go to start again and repeat the steps, from Printer and scanners, add your printer again or the model that you want to use.

Method No 3: Changing The Printer Settings From Online To Online 

In Windows, there is a setting of printers in which you can use your hardware even when it is offline. In this setting, the reports that need to be printed are automatically saved even when the printer isn’t connected to your computer. But, when you are online, the system will send the saved documents to the printer. 

So make sure that your printer is now connected to your system before you can adjust the setting from “Offline” to “Online”

Go to Start, open Settings, now go to Devices then Printers and Scanners. Right-click on your HP printer icon, now click on the "What's printing" option, now you will see a window popping you have to click on the Printer menu. From this uncheck the "Use Printer Offline" option. This action will enable the HP printers from Offline mode to Online. 

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