Important Things To Keep In Mind When Replacing A Printer Toner

Important Things To Keep In Mind When Replacing A Printer Toner
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  • 24 Feb 2021

Toner is an extremely fine powder that is used in industries and corporates alike, this powder is used in Laser printers to print our documents, and it is also composed of many components like metal oxides, resin, color pigments, etc. Due to the amount of availability of toner inks in the market and lack of knowledge about it, many business owners do not know the effects of toner on human skin and the level of complications it can cause. Learning about the inks and the toners is the first step one should take if you're dealing with the replacement of the toners.

Is Printer Toner Harmful To One’s Health

In the area of the office and employee security, there was hardly ever a more controversial debate regarding whether a toner ink is harmful or not. Toner dust Is made up of substances that if exposed to us and the environment in larger quantities it can be hazardous to one’s health and also to nature. It is basic knowledge that dust in any form should not be breathed in, especially not Toner dust.

Does Printer Toner Causes Cancer? This question arises often between people who work with printers because toner has a component known as "Carbon Black" which International Agency for Research on Cancer has termed under the 2B carcinogen category or "the dust that can be carcinogenic to humans". (Substance that promotes cancer eg- cigarettes). Carbon Black inhalation can also cause severe headaches, eye irritation, chronic hand itchiness, and tongue problems.

How To Securely Replace It 

While you may not be exposed to it in normal use, the toners can fall apart or break inducing the inhalation of fine dust particles. It can also spill upon the skin while replacing it. So to avoid such accidents regarding toner inks, you should, depending on your printer type, it is advisable to wear disposable gloves and breathing masks when you are going to change the toners. If you are going to dispose of it then always remember to not throw it away in your household waste and only to the recycling units or the manufacturers. Or you take advice at a Printer helpline

When purchasing a laser printer, you should also pay attention to the pollutant emission of the chosen model. In the past, laser printers even emitted ozone in part – nowadays this is hardly an issue anymore.

Lastly, if you have any query relating to laser printers or have issues regarding any printer component then stay in touch with Printer customer support where a team of printer professionals knows everything about how to troubleshoot common printer issues.

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