IS AOL A Thing Of The Past?

IS AOL A Thing Of The Past?
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  • 09 Mar 2021

If you have AOL Mail you might feel a bit of nostalgia like a 90’s kid over anything that existed those days. There are many accounts on the internet, of people where they say that- they were ‘mocked’ for having an ‘archaic’ of a mail address, or they were too dumb to use Gmail services. 

It is not a surprise that AOL domains have become a thing for 90’s romcoms like a pager, Started with the name of Quantum Computer Services, a tiny startup in 1985, promising to give internet services affordably, AOL went from being the largest internet service provider from being the corpse with few remaining breaths according to gen Z.

Why AOL Mail went down history books

When AOL went to rebranding it did face a huge decline, they went through many huge changes and saw in those years a number of billing disputes, lawsuits and by 2007 they saw a reduction in their subscribers to 10.1million.

Or take for instance the ‘Project Phoenix’ to stable down AOL popularity in 2010, it was when everything was going down the-history book lane, the company decided to give the same to the consumers, or using the thing of relic situation as a strategy, AOL email companies owners who said: “Project Phoenix is going after a different market segment that is underserved due to so little innovation in the e-mail space.” Thereby In a strategy to attract the young audience, they adopted 5 domain names that included:,, (You've Got Mail),, and lastly the standard Perhaps out of curiosity teens did go to use this service but the dictatorship of Gmailers never went out of play.

Do people still use AOL Email?

America Online's despite losing a war from Gmailer's popularity was acquired by Verizon Communications (an American multinational) for $4.4 billion on June 23, 2015.

AOL QUICK FACT# Verizon media with AOL & Yahoo garnered 1.77 billion online search queries in the US alone, in the year 2019, despite the fact that the US users consisted of 98% of individuals who have access to 4G LTE.

With the rise of broadband AOL mail went down the drain, everyone says, but would you believe if we tell that in the age where smartphones can connect you faster than AOL, 70% of Americans (about 2.1   million) users were still using AOL Mail (data as of 2015). Where Youtube, Twitter play automatic videos, and we have interactive broadband, people were not only ready to hear the whirring noise but also paying $20  a month for this! The reason can go from “broadband not available”, or “they didn’t care to change’. 

Why Still Use AOL?

AOL Mail is a consistent email service that offers good usernames, easy to use interface, a beautiful design, and unlimited customer support, along with all the basic mailbox features you'd expect from the company of an email.

It may be a thing of the past but people love old things and refuse to change, plus they remind the people they were present from the beginning of the Internet Era hence they are completely attached to it, and why not? AOL gives access to customer support, has interesting features like unlimited email storage, Spam & virus protection advanced filters, plus setting up emails with AOL is quite very simple. 

Maybe we should start considering changing to AOL Mail? 

If you have any queries, regarding the set up of AOL Mail or have any issues regarding AOL you can contact  Aol Technical Support Number +1-888-751-4951 to get all the issues rectified quickly.

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