Learn about the AOL Mail and its efficient set of features!

Learn about the AOL Mail and its efficient set of features!
  • Tech Support Helpline
  • 26 May 2020

AOL Mail is a web-based email service from AOL for free to the users. It is owned by Verizon Communications in a deal made in the year 2015. AOL Mail is sometimes referred to as AIM Mail in which AIM stands for AOL Instant Messenger. This mailing service allows the user to interact with the officials and friends in a prompt and secure manner. AOL empowers you to use the online options alongside the mail and it includes news highlights, web search, gaming time, floating chronicles, event and calendar, to do feature with incorporate and review assignments facility, etc.

There are many different types of features of the AOL Mail that have made it quite famous among the users everywhere in the world. AOL provides the in-built online options of different types to help you coordinate your various digital needs in one place. The main set of features for AOL Mail that has set it apart from other mail services providers in brief detail are as follows:

  • AOL Mail has unlimited email storage capacity with a 25 MB email attachment limit for files and folders.

  • There is a 90-day window for account deactivation and 180-day account deletion in case of inactivity by the user on AOL Mail.

  • Some of the email protocols that AOL Mail supports very extensively are POP3, SMTP, and IMAP.

  • Some of the mail accounts from other service providers like Gmail and Yahoo Mail can be linked with AOL Mail when signed in.

  • While working with the AOL Mail, essential ads and embedded links from sponsored websites are displayed which can be activated or deactivated by the user.

  • Availability of a well-versed spelling checker for the user to correct their mistakes while drafting an email on the AOL Mail.

  • Spam and virus protection are enhanced for bringing better security to the AOL Mail during sending or receiving.

  • SSL/HTTPS support after login on to the AOL Mail for the users to ensure that online access is standardized.

  • AOL Mail panel shows a detailed description of all the online friends of the users for prompt interactions.

  • There is also a great feature that allows the user to unsend the emails to other users on the different AOL Mail service.


For that range of features available with the AOL related to different types of requirements, setting up an AOL Mail account is going to be worth it for you. This mail provider has some amazing features mentioned above that have created a buzz among people for availing the services in large numbers. Creating a mail account with AOL is quite simple as you have to first go to the main page online. Thereafter, you can click on the login/join option on the upper right-hand corner and then click on the sign up at the bottom of the screen on the AOL main page. Next up is to enter your identity details, contact numbers, and all other information as requested to complete the process of creating an AOL Mail account in a comprehensive manner with the AOL.

Once your account with AOL Mail is created, you can manage your username alongside resetting the password if need be. With the login credentials, you can access your AOL Mail from any place in the world at any given time. If you have any issues while creating or accessing your AOL Mail account, then you can get in touch with the AOL Mail support number +1-800-903-5832 to get all these issues rectified for having a great mailing experience with officials and friends alike. You can also get more information about AOL Mail in great detail with our experts working 24/7 at your service.

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