My Printer Won’t Print With New Cartridges

My Printer Won’t Print With New Cartridges
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  • 02 Nov 2020

People highly tender it to bring off their working goals. It offers amazing aspects and functions to the customers. In spite of all this, sometimes you might counter an unknown issue while working on it. But you do not have to worry at all as we, a team of Printer Tech Support, are giving the best solutions for all the printer glitches or snags. In this blog post we are here to offer the fitting steps on the most common statement i.e, printers don’t print with new cartridges.

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Steps To Fix Printer Won’t Print With New Cartridges Issue

Printers bank on several ink cartridges to print documents from a computer. These cartridge designs enable you to simply place them into the printer. When you load brand-new ink cartridges, you can find illustrations when an printer will not print. Regardless there is nothing incorrect with the ink cartridges. Well, you can solve the problem by using specific troubleshooting methods. Follow the below-listed steps:

Step 1

• Uplift the printer lid of your printer.
• Locate the printer’s ink cartridges, enclosed in a grey bay in the centre of the printer.
• Detach the ink cartridges from the printer by dislodging on the black tab that secures them and swiftly pulls towards you out of the printer.
• If there is any pink packaging tape yet on the contracts of the printer cartridge then detach it.
• In case you leave the tape on it then it will block the cartridges from making genuine contact with the printer.
• Now put back the ink cartridges inside the printer and then reprint the document.

Step 2

• Download the software update for your specific printer model from that amends an error with printers that widens new cartridges useless and makes your printer to stop functioning.
• Then, insert your printer’s model number in the “Locate your Product to get Support” box.
• After that clink on your computer’s operating system and download the exact software cure to your desktop.
• To start the driver installation double-click on the downloaded file.
• Now go after the on-screen prompts and restart your computer when the installation is finished.
• At last print a test document.

Step 3

• First of all the power off your printer and detach the ink cartridges from the printer to clean them.
• In the procedure of installing new cartridges, dirt and dust can reach the metal contacts of the cartridge and may result in non-functioning of the cartridges.
• Now place a cartridge on a clean paper towel to avoid the ink from leakage.
• To humidify it spew a very little amount of distilled water onto a cotton ball.
• Then swiftly wipe the contacts of the ink cartridge with the wet cotton ball.
• After that let the cartridges dry, put the cartridges back inside the printer and power on the device.
• At last print a test document to ensure that the printer is working perfectly.

Quick Steps for My Printer Won’t Recognise a New Ink Cartridges

• First of all detach all the ink cartridges and carry out a hard reset on the printer.
• Then discontinue the power cord from the back of the printer and unplug the power cord.
• Detach the USB cable, in case it is present.
• Now wait for 2-3 minutes and then press and hold the power button on your printer for around 30 seconds to detach any additional charge.
• Plug in the power cable without any extension cord and then plug in the power cord to the printer.
• After that turn on the printer and wait until the warm-up period completes and the printer is idle.
• Next fit the ink cartridge and seek to print a test page and check whether it works.

Best Technical Support for Printer

If after completing all the steps you are still facing problems about how to fix this error ‘My Printer Won’t Print With New Cartridges’ then contact us. Our technical services are available all across the world. We pledge to offer the best solution for any printer issues. Our team is quite capable in solving all the printer issues efficiently and immediately. Feel free to reach us at our Printer Toll-Free Number +1-800-903-5832 

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