Printer Device is Busy, How to Fix Printer Busy Error?

Printer Device is Busy, How to Fix Printer Busy Error?
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  • 09 Nov 2020

HP is one of the prime manufacturing brands and provides diverse technical devices such as printers, laptop, desktop and a lot more. Even though, there are some technical snags that can be faced while printing, scanning or faxing the documents. Printer Device is Busy, is one weird and common error triggered by improper cable connection, damaged or broken cables, or an obsolete or corrupt driver running on your system. Whatever the actual reason behind the occurrence of such a printer error, would be eliminated within a pinch when you read the blog or take definitive Printer Tech Support from our well-qualified technicians. Therefore, in place of wasting your rare time, use it by making connections with talented experts.

Reasons Why Printer Device is Busy Error Occurs 

The list of real causes is mentioned below. Take a brief look on them at once:

1. Maybe the cable attached to your printer and your PC is not plugged in tightly and hence your printer device shows a busy error message during print job.
2. Due to damaged or broken cables, the HP Printer Device is Busy
3. Other device drivers may be running automatically in the background and hence cause such an error
4. Printer may run out of paper stack

Potential Guides to Remove HP Printer Device is Busy Error

Go through the below-noted guidelines as here you will get the necessary solutions to bring your printer refreshed. Let’s have a glimpse of the provided instructions and perform accordingly:

Guide 1: Clear the Print Queue

If the paper is jammed in the print queue, there is a high chance that the HP Printer Device is Busy. So, without any delay clear the jammed paper from the queue using the provided lines:
1. Click on Start button in Windows
2. Then, type Command into the search box
3. Right-click Command Prompt and select “Run” as administrator to invoke Run dialog box
4. Type net stop spooler then hit “Enter” key
5. After that, “del %systemroot%System32 Spool Printers* /Q” by giving a click on Enter key
6. Then after, type net start spooler and press Enter key from your keyboard
7. Lastly, type exit, then press Enter to fully exit the command window

Once you have appropriately applied the afore-mentioned tasks, documents waiting in the print queue will resume. You will obtain the printouts without any hurdles. But in case, HP Printer Device is Busy yet, go ahead with the next guided instructions.

Guide 2: Eliminate Print Spooler

To perform this with an ease follow the beneath noted guidelines:
1. Press the Windows + R keys simultaneously on your keyboard to invoke Run dialog. You although can open the Command Prompt rather than Run box
2. Type “Control printers” into the search box and hit Enter key
3. The Devices and Printers window will appear in the next screen
4. Right-click on the printer you are using right now and give a click on “Properties” tab
5. Upcoming step set the printer to print directly and not use the spooler
6. Confirm by clicking “OK” tab and reboot your system

With these steps, you can effortlessly solve Printer Device is Busy error. If still the same persists, jump to the next solution.

Guide 3: Uninstall the Printer and Reinstall

If none of the above specified guides are helpful for you in a way to sort out your printer slowdown problem, try uninstalling the printer and reinstalling it again. Let’s do this job using the below-mentioned points:

1. First, give a click on “Start” button
2. Next, go to Control Panel > Devices and Printers
3. After that, place a right-click on the printer you would like to remove from your system and then select “Printer Properties” tab
4. In the upcoming step, select Remove device
5. Click Print server properties at the top of the window
6. Then, click on the “Drivers” tab and highlight the printer driver to uninstall
7. Click “Remove” button
8. Choose Remove driver and driver package and then hit “OK” tab
9. If the printer is plugged tightly into the computer via USB, you are required to unplug the USB cable
10. Then after, go to Control Panel > Programs and Features, look for the printer and uninstall and hence uninstall device drivers to remove from “Devices and Printers” section
11. If a message appears about access denied or the printer in use, reboot the computer
12. Finally, locate driver software to reinstall the uninstalled printer in an appropriate way

If the driver is not still removed even after applying the above steps, restart the computer in a diagnostic startup. Then, use the command “printui /s /t2” to eliminate the driver packages. If this also does not correct the problem, do a firmware upgrade on the printer and make sure the papers inserted into the paper tray are not out of stock. It’s also worth checking whether the system is infected with viruses or malware threats as this can also be one possible cause of HP Printer Device is Busy error.

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