Protect Your Printers By Using OEM Toner Cartridges

Protect Your Printers By Using OEM Toner Cartridges
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  • 18 Feb 2021

The toner is a powder that is used by Laser Printers to print quickly. It is a fine powder with magnetized oxides and resins ( the whole recipe only known to manufacturers) and other such substances. 

OEM or Original Toner Cartridges are the types that are made by the printer manufacturers themselves. These things are the best known to give excellent quality and reduced effect of damages. 

Difference Between A OEM Toner & Compatible Toner Cartridges

Original toner cartridges are produced "new" by the equipment manufacturer with their formulas in their companies. The process of building original toners is so in-depth so that, the toner powder used matches the particle size, paper, and composition to 100% of the printer type. This is reflected, in particular, in the color gamut reproduction and match with the toner on the paper.

Compatible toner cartridges are made like the original they are decomposed, cleaned, reworked, and refilled by recycling companies. Over the past 20 years, companies throughout Europe and the rest of the world have overtaken empty original toners and then refilled and recycled them. Depending on the toner, various technical components, usually the image drum, are exchanged in place of a cheaper alternative. 

But OEM Toners are expensive why should we have to purchase them?

With the development and improvement of printing technologies, the price also fluctuates with the market. The price of a printer ranges and In fact, many printer models would have to cost twice triple, or even quadruple with the cartridges are made with specialized ingredients. But then no one would buy a printer right.

That is why the printer manufacturers plan and subsidize the selling price of their printers and earn the money later with the sale of printer accessories.

Because Printer manufacturers have invested tens of thousands of dollars in the process of toner making process to make it authentic and keep it from damaging the printing paper type. If we use compatible ones chances are they wouldn’t print the same quality as the original plus those can even damage the printer head's insides causing it to create Printer is not printing issues. The pros of using an OEM toner are the Highest quality printing, there would hardly be any failures and it is also easy to use.

That is why it is important to choose toners that are original and would deliver excellent paper quality. If you have any issues contact the Printer Technical Support Number where a team of helpful printer professionals solves the matters relating to printers in minutes saving you from stress and annoyance.

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