The Breakdown Of How An InkJet Printer Actually Works

The Breakdown Of How An InkJet Printer Actually Works
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  • 10 Feb 2021

Inkjet printers are the cheapest among any other printers that you will buy, and because of this many people prefer to purchase them instead of the more expensive ones—laser printers. An Inkjet printer is known to fire very small droplets of ink onto a page that it is printing. The droplets placed are so small that they are very nearly invisible to the naked eye. It is by gunning down a stream of these tiny droplets together that blends onto the paper to give you your desired text and image in high-resolution format.

Working Of The InkJet Printer

Dot Matrix's advanced version is an InkJet Printer, the difference is that where a dot-matrix uses maybe 60 metal needles or pins to make 60 dots per character, inkjets will fire thousands of dots in seconds to make much higher print quality. Even an average inkjet can print 300-720 dots per inch (dpi), which is about 10x better than the sluggish dot-matrix. The best photo-quality inkjet printers can print at nearly 4800 x 2400 dpi. Whereas a dot-matrix printer makes a screaming sound as its typeface print needles strike the ribbon across the paper, the only noise an inkjet printer makes comes from the sheets of paper feeding in and out of the machine whenever the printing mechanism takes place.

As said above, The inkjet printer, never actually touch the piece of paper in the printing process. Instead, the inkjet printer uses a series of nozzles to spray the ink at high speed onto the page to gives you the clear final image that you see on the paper.

Since inkjet printers avoid paper touching they are also termed "non-impact printers". Typewriters/Dot Matrix, on the other hand, uses a solid impact of ribbons and frames to place the image on the page. The actual shape of the character letter or number of the typewriter hits a ribbon and pushes the ink onto the page to print.

Parts Inside The InkJet Printer

A print cartridge is an object where nozzles are located, normally a print head or print cartridge has slits some small and long from where the ink comes out, The long slit is for the area from where the black ink comes out, the other small slits are given for the place of three colored inks namely- cyan, magenta, and yellow, that makes different colors for color printing.

The other parts in the printer consist- The front of the main parts -A ribbon embedded within which it carries the printing instructions. Other than that you will find plastic and rubber rollers, The print head is basically the main part of the printer; it contains a series of nozzles heads responsible for spraying ink onto the paper. There is also a print head motor that moves the print head back and forth across the paper in printing. A belt attaches the print head to the print head motor, and a spiked wheel stabilizer bar is used to stabilize the print head into place.

Inside the printer, you will also see the paper feeder and the paper rollers as well. The paper feeder motor object synchronizes the movement of the paper with that of the print head so that the images that are printing appear on the correct place of the page. Also, Most of the newer generation of inkjet printers are using a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port to connect to your computer system.

Installation and Buying Of InkJet Printers

When you purchase a new inkjet printer, it will usually come with a CD that you will need to install into the software. If you are unable to install contact the Printer helpline. Once you place the disc into your PC it will activate an installation wizard. Generally, the wizard function provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to place the software inside your computer. The only hardware that you will need to install in the inkjet printer is a power cord to a socket, a cord from the printer to your computer (either a USB port or parallel port).

The money involving in inkjet printers comes with the replacement of Ink Cartridges and not the initial hardware itself. If you are willing to purchase your replacement ink cartridges again and again when your current cartridges run out, then you can expect to run out of finances pretty fast, by buying your inkjet cartridges from internet retailers. But you can also save some dough by shopping around and comparing prices. You might be surprised to see how much some of your nearest ink local stores are charging up these essential printing products.

Also knowing why are you purchasing the printer and for what process will help you further decide what type of printing paper to purchase. If you intend on printing a large number of photos you are advised to get a higher quality photo-paper. If you are a college student using a printer primarily for academic purposes, then a lower quality paper will normally serve your needs just fine.

You can find a myriad of quality inkjet printers made by a variety of manufacturers— EPSON, BROTHER, HP, CANON, etc at an expansive range of prices in the market. You can spend as little or as much as you want to judge your needs on an inkjet printer. Your purchase decision will greatly depend on how you plan to use your printer.

Again, if you plan on creating high-resolution photos or business cards with your printer, you may want to go for the best quality model, but if you simply want to print out some text documents, then it might make good sense to opt for a less expensive printer.

Printers are great when they work smoothly, but when they start causing discrepancies, they can become a real source of frustration for productivity. So if you face a problem regarding printers anytime contact Printer support number and reach out to our team, they are available 24*7 for printer support.

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