The process to change the AOL Mail Password!

The process to change the AOL Mail Password!
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  • 08 May 2020

A password is known as a key to access an account on digital devices either online or offline. It is called the passcode containing a string of characters including the letters, digits, and symbols memorized as a secret by a user to confirm their identity. If the characters are only numeric i.e. the digits, then it tends to be called a personal identification number (PIN). Also, the passphrase is a memorized secret having the sequence of words or text separated by spaces. In all, the password is created to secure your account from any attack by a hacker for potential compromise.

AOL is a very unique mail facility provider that gives the user the option to create the strongest password for their mail account on this platform. It is an important step to adopt if you suspect that your AOL Mail has a chance of getting attacked by an unknown source because of an easy password in use at this time.

With that, AOL provides the option of the password to the user to avail the benefits of their services in a safe and secure manner. AOL Mail allows you to change their password for safeguarding your account. To make a stronger password, you can use a brief sentence while leaving out space between words. Users can add numbers and special characters in the password while keeping it simple. AOL requires you to make at least eight characters in the password with the inclusion of special characters. Changing the password every few months is also a very necessary step that AOL Mail recommends you to do.

Changing the AOL Mail password:

  • Firstly, a user has to login to an AOL Mail account on the web browser with the use of the login credentials created while setting up a mail account.
  • Username, phone number, mail id, and current password are the part of the login credentials.
  • Once you have accessed the AOL Mail account, then you have to click on your name on the upper-right corner of the screen to open the information section.
  • Select the “Account Security” by going to the left panel.
  • Then go to the “How you sign in” for selecting the “Change Password” option.
  • Here, you can enter the “New Password” as you may please and confirm it after selecting “Continue”.
  • It's essential that you enter the new password that is easier for you to remember as well as difficult to guess.
  • You can also add a recovery email and recovery phone number for the AOL Mail account when recommended, but it is not a mandatory requirement.

Changing the password of any online account after a certain period is a must for any user anywhere in the world. AOL Mail account is no different in this regard as you have to keep on changing your password regularly to keep the hackers at bay. The process mentioned above is more than enough for you to make the strongest password for your AOL Mail account. Although if you have any issue or query regarding the change of password in your AOL Mail account, then you can contact our AOL Mail support number +1-800-903-5832 available 24/7 for its smooth solution at the very earliest. We have the experts at TechIGS working for your service to ensure that all your issues regarding the AOL Mail are solved so that you can keep on mailing in a personal or official capacity to other people at any given time.

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