Troubleshooting Canon Printers Error Code 5200

Troubleshooting Canon Printers Error Code 5200
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  • 28 Apr 2021

Canon is a Japanese company and a reputed one when we talk about the top brands in printers. They are known for manufacturing high-quality, durable, studded with the latest technology and reliable printers. 

However, like any other hardware, Canon printers also develop errors that require urgent attention. One such common error in this brand of printer error is --5200 (support code). In this guide, we are going to discuss the cause of this error and also their easy and multiple ways to fix Canon printer error 5200.

Read on! this will guide you and tell you all the ways by which you will be able to solve this error-ridden problem with ease

Why Do This Error 5200 Occur In Canon Printers 

Canon printer error 5200 primarily pops up due to cartridge-related problems. It can either be due to low ink levels in our canon cartridge, the error can occur for faulty cartridge or maybe there are some issues deep inside in your printers.

As we all know that Canon printers can print in Black even if the Black cartridge goes empty inside the systems, by using the colors of the color ink cartridges. Hence, if you are seeing error 5200 in your Canon printer, then the issue is related to cartridges. It’s either that your printer cartridges are empty or they are close to going completely empty. 

Now that you know about the cause of this error let’s discuss its solutions in 3 simple  steps:

Simple Methods That Will Remove This Error of 5200 

STEP 1: Cleaning Cartridges Manually 

1. Unplug the power cable of your canon printer and leave it like that for at least 1/5 hour.

2. After that take out the ink cartridges from your canon printer and clean their print heads/ cartridges properly.

3. Either change them or try re-inserting the print head cartridges inside the hardware, now you can re-plug the power cable and turn on your canon’s, try test printing a page to check whether the error-5200 has been resolved or not.

STEP 2: Refilling the Ink Tanks 

1. Check the ink levels in your canon’s black and colored ink compartments or cartridges and get them filled if you see them running low on ink.

2. Make sure that both of them are filled properly. After refilling the Black cartridge, fill up the color ink cartridges as well. Otherwise, you still will encounter this error code no 5200 in Canon.

STEP 3: Contacting the Printer Expert 

If the above methods did not work for you then you are most likely seeing the error again. In that case, to solve the printing error, you should contact a printer professional. 

Support your printer problem by contacting Printer support phone number +1-888-751-4951 and use your printer without an interruption from these types of errors as and when you required. They will guide you through every help in solving the errors in your printers.

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