Troubleshooting HP Printer Error 82.0180

Troubleshooting HP Printer Error 82.0180
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  • 27 May 2021

Our most valuable asset printer when stops working can hamper our productivity a lot.

It is a general error of printer is not printing, it will give you an EIO error with a code 82.0180 which means the printer will not print any documents. The error will be displayed on the control panel you have to identify it by there because the computer will work as normal however the printing sessions will get interrupted. It will show that the data in the machine was received but will fail to actually print the output.

Generally, these issues are identified in HP Laser P2055Dn kind of printers where the JetDirect Cards gets faulty and stops working (a technology included in HP wireless, Laserjet that allows a printer to be able to work function at high performance on local area network) 

How to Fix HP Error 82.0180

RESET PRINTERS JET DIRECT CARD:  Resetting the JetDirect card in your printers can help greatly in fixing the error of 82.0180 who is generally causing a commanding operating system error between the computer system and the hardware.

Simple Steps for resetting the JetDirect card are:

1. Go ahead and hold the test button for about five to ten seconds and not less than that.

2. To reset, an HP jet direct card print server which is comparatively an easy way, unplug your power cord from the HP jet direct print servers and then hold up the test button for at least 30 seconds, but not more than that while plugging in the wireless power cord.

We need to now configure the IP address. To configure a TCP/IP address, several methods are described below. Briefly, these include :

  • Making use of a printer control panel
  • Enlisting will help the Web browser to access the newly embedded Web server on the HP Jetdirect print server
  • Begin the Telnet usage on a computer

HP Printer software usage generally includes the following:

  • HP Web Jetadmin
  • HP Jetdirect Printer Installer for UNIX

The Ip address has various methods to change, the other one you can try is that the IP  could also be changed using the front panel of the HP Jetdirect device in a printer which may help you in both resolving the issue of the errorcodes and setting your conditions right for the Jetdirect device in HP.

Use the search in the system for the Front Control Panel TCP/IP Configuration so that once you are done with the resetting or the changing of the Jet Direct drive card you can go back to your default settings and enjoy smooth error-free printing.

Hopefully, these above steps will help you manage How to Fix HP Printer Error 82.0180 easily. Sometimes working yourself with not much experience regarding printing can cause the hardware setting to face damage, but no worries work yourself with the best guidance on printer problems and gain 100% confident results by contacting  Printer Tech Support Number +1-888-751-4951

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