Troubleshooting Lexmark & IBM Printing Error Codes

Troubleshooting Lexmark & IBM Printing Error Codes
  • Tech Support Helpline
  • 01 May 2021

From all the error printer codes out there, there is a whole range of Lexmark and IBM printer error codes. And we are here to diagnose which is which so that it wouldn’t be a problem for you to run everywhere for different codes on the internet.

Error code 22: Out of paper

This could either indicate a paper jam or a shortage of paper in IBM and Lexmark printers. 

RESOLVE: Make sure there is sufficient paper loaded into your paper tray and also check if there is any dust, sediments collected along the path of the paper. 

Error code 31: Paper change needed

This means that your Lexmark and IBM printer has a different paper size/quality configuration from what's needed in the software. 

RESOLVE: Make sure you change the paper settings to adjust the size. Replace the paper if it’s of cheap quality. Also, check your printer software setup for any issues; try test printing after changed paper.

Error codes 41 and 43: Font related Issues

These types of error codes usually indicate that the particular font you need is not available in the Lexmark and IBM printer. This problem occurs due to a faulty font card or a fault inside the system board. It might also mean that the font card may have been removed while the power was gone. 

RESOLVE: If the font card is defective/not suitable then make sure to get a new one.

Error code 54: Serial Configuration Error

This one code indicates that the settings for the serial configuration between your computer and the hardware printer are different and hence a faulty message. 

RESOLVE: Make sure the communication cable, power cables, and system boards are not damaged and are properly connected. 

Error code 89: Overloaded output tray

This error code says that your output tray is loaded or completely has been full to the brim. 

RESOLVE: Make sure to take out the papers from the output tray. You also need to check the functionality of the trays. You can also try replacing the photo sensor for the card.

Error code 24: Incorrect feed

This error code comes up due to a different number of reasons. But the most common is the improper delivery of manual feed. If you are trying to put the paper inside the manual feed at the same time the printer is taking off the paper from its tray then the error 24 could occur. 

RESOLVE: Make sure not to put the paper inside the manual feed at the same time the printer is working on the outputs. Plus do not feed the paper unless you are explicitly requested.

These were some of the common errors of IBM and Lexmark and their troubleshooting answers. However, if you need any assistance regarding any of the printers, make sure to contact 247 tech IGS for printer helpline.

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