What Are The Advanced Spam Filters Features Of AOL Email?

What Are The Advanced Spam Filters Features Of AOL Email?
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  • 08 Mar 2021

AOL has done some remarkable and wonderful additions in its settings over the years that should be worth noticing if you aren’t aware of it, The cutting and spamming feature of junk mail lets the users focus on more work related to your business operations. Aol Email Not Working was a thing of the past now with advanced automatic features, you can weed out the unnecessary traffic of emails in minutes. AOL lets the thing manage itself before it will even fall down in the inbox.

Blocking spam emails

The most annoying thing for an individual is their spam email folder from numerous websites and people alike but with AOL 9.0 version these nuisances can be eliminated effectively. The effective thing about this blocking email part is that it works automatically and puts the emails that you consider to be spammy in the designated spam folder. The AOL email scrutinizes the activity of the users and judges the email that comes through accordingly.

If by some instance, some spammy emails sneak past through you can customize it and let your AOL mails learn, just hit the spam report button to the mail you don’t want next time, and then the Advanced Spam Feature will learn about the sender, and all the technicalities and will transport it directly to the folder if some email arrives like this again to your AOL mails.

The Customization Feature

You can also customize it by going into the settings of the "Mail and Spam Controls" window. This window provides every feature effectively. From this feature control who you get emails from! there will be many options like "if you want to allow mail from this particular sender or not", or to block it, or whether that said block mail should be permanently deleted or shoved into the spam folder. You can also get rid of emails that contain certain words that you don't like (just like Twitter).

The Automatic Learner

By the time the machine gets used it and so does this email. Focus your spam-fighting operations on teaching the Advanced Spam Filter its job. The more messages that you kill with the Report Spam button and save it on the mails, the sharper and adaptable your filters get. Unless you hate junk e-mail and don’t mind deleting a few valid messages then use this feature once in a while, meaning you do not have to go over the board on the blocking settings in the dialog box of AOL. Just mark the things you want as blocked and filter in the changes by using these steps:

  1. Click the Mail Settings under the username, then click the "Block Senders tab", you have to now enter the name or username or address you want to be blocked, then click this "Plus icon+" Click the save settings, and you are done.

Let the Advanced Spam Filter feature of AOL do its thing. The spam or This is not spam options also lets us know what and from where the spammy emails are coming from.

These were the spam filters features of AOL, if you have queries regarding AOL email functions or features, or want to ask the technicalities in the workings of the e-mail then contact Aol email technical support number, where a team of genuine experts is available 24* 7 to gives you peace of mind and space that is cluttering your AOL inbox.

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