What are the steps of troubleshooting Error 79 in HP Printer?

What are the steps of troubleshooting Error 79 in HP Printer?
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  • 20 Aug 2019

Whenever there is an issue in your HP printer it will be demonstrated by a number code. Today, in this piece of the blog we will discuss the occurrence of HP Printer error 70 alongside some accommodating recommendations on the most proficient method to determine the error. 

What are the causes behind HP Printer Error Code 79? 

Most blunders on HP Printers are typically shown on the printer's control board. These mistakes are generally demonstrated alongside a message. The mistake message and the reasons for error code 79 are recorded beneath: 

  • "79 Error Turn off then on": If you see this sort of error message then it is on the grounds that the HP Printer has experienced a type of interior firmware mistake. 
  • "79 Service Error Turn off then on": If this is the message shown then it is most likely as a result of an inconsistent DIMM 
  • Steps to determine HP Printer Error Code 79 

The HP Printer error 79 is a nonexclusive framework error that can be settled utilizing the means referenced underneath: 

Step 1: Switch off the printer 

You can start fixing error 79 by first turning your printer off. When your HP printer totally shuts down you should sit tight for about a large portion of a moment and afterward restart the printer. You ought to likewise ensure all the HP Printer links are secure and the USB link is associated appropriately. 

Step 2: Reinstall DIMM 

You can utilize the means referenced beneath to reinstall the double in-line memory module on your PC to get your HP Printer running once more: 

  • Turn off  the PC and tenderly open the PC case 
  • Evacuate every one of the connections and power links 
  • Search for the memory module and evacuate the memory holding chips 
  • Feel free to expel the memory from the Motherboard 
  • Gradually reinstall the memory back in the Motherboard 
  • Check if the memory holding chips are reconnected and close the PC case 

You ought to likewise check the firmware variant you are utilizing and update it if vital so your HP Printer can keep running with no errors. In case you can't finish any of these errors and in the event that you see that the error code 79 still endures, at that moment you may require propelled HP Tech Support. You can call the HP Printer technical support number +1-800-903-5832  and request to address a prepared expert who can give you a point by point directions on the most proficient method to execute progressively complex investigating steps. 

HP Printer Customer Support Number 

HP Printers are very mainstream in homes, workplaces, and instructive foundations around the world. These printers are known for being easy to use and conveying quality printout reliably. Considering their wide cluster of features HP Printer is among the most reliable PC hardware you can have. Since a great many people don't know about the specialized parts of printer clients regularly need to call the  HP Printer Customer Support Number at whatever point they experience any error or issue. Nonetheless, it generally gets an essential comprehension of printer mistakes with the goal that you can investigate the issue yourself.

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