What To Do When Your AOL Account Has Been Hacked?

What To Do When Your AOL Account Has Been Hacked?
  • Tech Support Helpline
  • 12 Jun 2020

Is your AOL account has been hacked? Don’t know what can be done to get it back? Don’t worry, today we will let you know about some helpful tips that will guide you in these situations efficiently.

If in case you have provided someone with your password then they can easily access your account without your permission and acknowledgment. Remember that hacking is somewhat similar to spoofing where you are more likely to find out emails in your sent box even when you haven’t sent any of them.

How To Know Your AOL Account Has Been Hacked?

  1. People will start claiming that they are receiving emails from you even though you did not know about them.
  2. You will not be able to find your Contact Address Book as well.
  3. Your Spam, Inbox, Sent, & Trash folder has been deleted completely.
  4. You find a lot of Mailer Deamon rejection notices for messages that are unknown.
  5. There would be some strange messages in your sent or draft folders.
  6. Moreover, you will be regularly bumped offline even when you have just signed into the account.
  7. You may also get CAPTCHA while trying to login in order to confirm you are not a robot.
  8. Emails that you used to send to sudden addresses will start to get returned or refused all the time.
  9. You will no longer receive any new mail or updates.
  10. There might be some changes to your account that are unknown to you.
  11. A list of unknown contact is added to your contact address book.
  12. You might also receive an email signature link that is not created by you.

What Can be Done When Your Account is Hacked?

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to do when your account has been hacked is changing your password and try to make it strong plus unique in order to avoid any hacking in the future.
  • Update Your Account’s security question.
  • Install the best antivirus software in your device to avoid any malware in it and if you already have one installed then update it regularly to keep it bug-free.
  • Always review the signature you have added in the account to make sure hackers haven’t added some sort of spam in it.
  • Check the display name you have to ensure it doesn’t contain the word ‘AOL’ or ‘AOL’ in it as if it would be hacked then they will firstly change your display name that would show some errors while you try and send any messages.
  • Always review the mail before falling into the trap for its authority.
  • If all of these doesn’t seem to help you out then get in contact with customer support of AOL and they will help you in resolving any issue that you are facing proficiently.

In case you need any more information or facing problems with your AOL account then you can contact to the AOL Support Number: +1-800-903-5832 and get instant solution for any query you have.

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