Who is the most clogged Printer and How can we fix it?

Who is the most clogged Printer and How can we fix it?
  • Tech Support Helpline
  • 03 Mar 2021

We are sure you might know the answer to the first one, it is of course the Epson Printers that take the pedestal for being clogged from time to time, and if you search the browser for the solution for clogged printheads, you will see people asking for EPSON almost most of the time, now why does this problem arises in those printers? It generally translates within the sphere of the advancement of technology meeting quickening of the speed of the particular machine. This is hence a very common problem in most of the printers and as economical and fast the speed of Epson is, they are also notorious for being clogged every now and often. There are some solid reasons why this takes place in printers and even more solid reasons why it happens to Epson printers so much. In a nutshell, though, as said above it is about the advancement of technology and the shrinking of machine size. In the case of printing, the reduction of nozzle size in diameter helps in the print quality. The reason behind Epson printers getting clogged printhead nozzles is because they offer top-notch print quality. It is like if a machine is great it must have a downside thing. Let us explain.

Why does The Inevitable Problem of Clogged Print in EPSON persist? First can be because of the problem of detachable printer heads as most printers cleaning is done by taking them out and cleaning them thoroughly but remember that EPSON printers come with high-quality designs so most of their systems who are adapted with advanced technology, do not correspond or allow to detaching the printer heads, that is why the quality is advanced and crisp in those printers but makes a nuisance when a user tries cleaning them. You may want to call the Printer helpline for the details on the cleaning of printers, however below are some tips you can do to ensure smooth prints in EPSON.

How To Fix Clogged EPSON’s?

  1. Cleaning Air Dust- The primary culprit after the design is the Air Blockage in nozzles, a common problem again and simple to solve, with time the printers gets accumulated by dust particles or tiny papers which then gets mixed with ink and converting it into grime, making a printer dirty and clogged of dirt inside. So the common sense is to keep the printer cleaned from the outside and the inside, but approach very carefully with a lint-free cloth while cleaning on the inside because the lint can itself get clogged in the airheads. The better option is to use a vacuum and suck out the dirty particles without touching them.
  2. Keeping Printers OFF- Always turn OFF the printers at night, because printers are themselves recruited to clear their nozzle heads, these mini-cycles of cleaning in printers takes a little bit of ink and when turned on and go inside the nozzle heads to keep them lubricated and strong. But remember to not use it more than 3 times a day as the regular turning off and on can also diminish the ink quickly or build up the excess in the nozzle head. 
  3. Using Right Cartridges- Everyone say to use OEM? (Original Manufacturer) Cartridges inside the printers to avoid clogged tracks, in the perfect world you may, but buying OEM cartridges is too expensive for the user than the printer itself it is even compared to one bottle of Chanel Perfume or expensive alcohol. So choose a seller that you can depend on for giving genric or compatible cartridges. That will help in both your bank balance and clogged EPSON printer heads.  

Overall keeping EPSON requires high maintenance so be sure that you keep a schedule of cleaning printers every often or call the Printer support phone number for any queries or issues regarding any of your printers.

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