Why You Should Not Throw Away The Toner Cartridges In Trash

Why You Should Not Throw Away The Toner Cartridges In Trash
  • Tech Support Helpline
  • 23 Feb 2021

Toner is a finer powder used in the Lazer printers in place of inks, they are made up of fine particles, resin, and ground polyester which is also plastic, fumed silica, dyes, and carbon substances. The Chemicals used in Toner Cartridges are hazardous to health, they are very harmful and extremely flammable and can even become explosive under certain conditions.

InkTonerFacts#1 Each second more than 15 cartridges are thrown away in the US alone. 
Toner is considered an environmental hazard and should not be openly thrown away by the industries. More than 370 million cartridges are thrown away by both businesses and individuals all over the world. Toner and ink cartridges may be small units inside your laser printers, but they cost an impact greater than any other. Both to the office and the environment and eventually to us humans. But fortunately, they are ways for it to be recycled and properly disposed of. Recycling used printer cartridges effectively easily reduce a business’s expenses to much lower and also to the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. It’s an easy way really to promote environmental sustainability and effectively create a safe environment for all.

InkTonerFacts#2 Cartridge and its components in the decomposing state can spend anywhere near 500-1000 years in the landfills.

Old toners need to be replaced from time to time, but they are thrown right into the trash, business should educate their employees plus workers on the need to always recycle the old cartridges. 

InkTonerFacts#3 It is even illegal throwing at some places, San Diego Imposes $25,000 per day if the business gets caught while doing so.

If we throw off the cartridges in the landfills it will cause the environment land and water pollution due to the emissions of their toxic minerals, if we buy the new ones then it will deplete the oil, timber, petroleum, and water. Recycling the ink toner cartridges reduces the dependency on raw materials required in the making of new cartridge toners.

InkTonerFacts#4 Many manufacturers have now programs in which empty toner bottles can be sent to them for recycling purposes even if you are not their customer. 

Start sending the toner cartridges to the manufacturers if you are not already doing so. Environmental Protection Agency encourages individuals and businesses both to recycle ink cartridges as much as they can. Also, remember while replacing or throwing away your ink toners make sure to wear gloves, and keep the Printer Offline because ink toners are made of certain chemicals and powder that are harmful to the skin and also while inhalation. Manufacturers even give you a discount on new cartridges toner if you recycle the old one. 

Most high-end ink toner manufacturers accept toner cartridges back for recycling free of cost. The interesting thing is the majority of the manufacturers today not only accept their brand of ink cartridges back but cartridges from any manufacturer. You can find the information easily they mention it on the website. Go to your manufacturer's website and locate information about their recycling program. The easiest way is to Google your manufacture name + recycling program. Searching with these two will help you track the information faster.

Make sure if you have any questions regarding inks, toner cartridges, or the hardware itself, call Printer customer support where a team will always be available to cater to your every need.

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