Will 3D Printing Save Us From Future Diseases?

Will 3D Printing Save Us From Future Diseases?
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  • 27 Jul 2021

A year has passed since a staggering virus took the world in its clutches. And forced all the healthcare professionals under immense pressure worldwide. As this powerful thing dispatched several patients into the hospitals. Every individual in the field of medicine scrambled to devise a plan that will be vital to us. True diseases are dangerous, the ones we did not see coming can send all of us into a frenzy But what humans had learned is to adapt to it. And the covid crisis has done the same to further push the limits of 3D Printing.

The truth we are all still locked in the Covid crisis. Because it has allowed us to change and be ready for further diseases, in the short-term. We are still locked into the COVID crisis. But the trends we foresee in the coming year look to successfully take us to the other side of this stronger and more flexible. And ready for possibilities where 3D-printed products or components bring more value.

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3D Printing Healthcare Innovations In 2021

Patient-Specific Devices

It is a well-known fact that 3D printing is unique in its nature of customization and flexibility. Where people want and need products that are suitable to their body type and with myriads of different allergies and diseases blasting through every year and when even covid is being adapted and leveling itself the technology should also be leveled up accordingly.

This makes a push for engineers in additive manufacturing 3D to be empowered and make patient-specific devices. That will suit them according to their needs. As diseases have become more precise the need for efficiency rises more.

Many devices have been engineered to fit exactly that mold, many health care professionals now today are using 3D anatomical reference models. As producing such devices from the CT and MRI Scans are considerably less cheap, straightforward than conventional methods.

With this patient-specific device, technology has become more advanced and quick. Now medical professionals can prepare better for surgeries having being given the additional view. Hence saving cost time and precious lives.

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The Affordable Prosthetics

it is known that every year thousands of people lose a limb, suffer fractures an arm, leg, and such. With the help of 3D printing, people have now devised machines by simply taking measurements of a lost limb,  changing its dimensions, and change its design of patient-specific hand, all of that at a fraction of the price of a normal prosthetic arm.

3D Printed Organs, Tissue Engineering, Skin Grafts & Bioprinting

More than thousands of people waiting for organ transplantations, and with the shortage of donors. Every 20 people in the US die waiting for them. But thanks to the evolution of 3D printers and medical engineers, several Printer setups come together in the process of parallelization.

In which they produce separate layers of tissues stacked layer by layer to form tissue 3D structures. With a rapid breakthrough of healthcare and exciting 3D hybrid technologies, we can see a future where kidneys, hearts, and livers can be transplanted on demand.

With the level of development we are seeing in the healthcare sector. One can be sure that 3D Printing will definitely help us save from future unknown complex diseases. That said printers also do suffer from issues so look after them to ensure they are with you for the longest time, contact printer technical support to get all your printer solutions in one place.

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