Will E-books Replace The Printed Books Business In Future?

Will E-books Replace The Printed Books Business In Future?
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  • 18 Feb 2021

If you are a bibliophile, you will know that there are always two parties split between “liking e-books or liking physical printed copy of the book” While ebooks enthusiasts argue that reading digital version is beneficial as they can enlarge fonts, take help of the dictionary, digitally save anywhere anytime, carry it in their pockets even, the printed lovers say that they love the feel and the smell of a physical version plus it saves them from being distracted by pop-up notifications or any other digital applications.

Now readers reading taste has evolved after Amazon pulled through with Kindle in November 2007, where if you have a wireless connection, you can download any book straight from Amazon. Kindle the platform today is a revolutionized platform, it may be for that principle that it is selling more ebooks than their hardcovers or paperbacks.

What The E-Book Readers Say

They are cheaper than the hardbacks and paperbacks, for instance, "To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is (INR) Rs. 825 in hardcover, and Rs.219 in paperback, the kindle e-book version is sold for Rs.99 only. It is the thing with every book. Plus they offered to be carried everywhere, cannot get ruined for a long time, no fear of losing bookmarks, font size change, inbuilt dictionary, etc.

What Physical Version Book Reader Say 

It's harder to have an emotional relationship with characters and the story if you are reading from an e-reader, plus there is a thing of “digital fatigue” where you get tired of looking at the screen every time. Not to mention e-reader device is required to be charged every time, while you are on a vacation a physical printed book will serve as a good companion. They also say that e-books lack the visual as well as touch appeal too, while there are ebooks bleak and colorless, Printer setup books prevail in the appeal to eyes, be it the fonts, intriguing designs, patterns, minimalistic aesthetic art upon the covers, etc.

E-Book vs. Paperbacks who wins? (What Does The Stats Say)

According to PublishersWeekly magazine sales of printed books saw an incredible rise of 8.2% in 2020 over 2019 at major outlets. Unit sales rose through the rooftops of 750.9 million, from 693.7million the year before.

How did this happen you ask? well, this happened because of school shutting down and parents' helplessness in seeking nonfiction titles for the juveniles. According to the website the genres that saw rise was particularly related to- reference, language, education, games, hobbies, and activities. Of course, the readers who went bored this pandemic are also included. They were seen having an outstanding reading year too.

Why has the appeal of E-Books dropped?

The reason behind the e-books sale bubble being popped can be because of many things, one being that people still prefer that ink-on-paper print of the books, the visual appeal is fantastic, that is why authors design covers that are intriguing gorgeous, and inviting. It is not just a book it becomes a beautiful object so much so that the researchers say that US individuals do not like to part away or sell their books in the age where everything is disposable.

The other reason can be that people like to purchase a physical version and place it in their house because they reflect an individual's personality. Say you have a friend coming home, she looks at the shelf and sees Robert Jordan’s Wheel Of Time series placed on your mantelpiece, asks about your interest, and a new conversation begins to start. 

Safe to say that our printed books are not going anywhere, not at least for some years, authors even design marvelous anniversary editions of their already printed books. Look for the amount of Harry Potter translations printed books and Editions printed till this date you will know.  

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