Will Shutting Down Print Industry Better For The Environment?

Will Shutting Down Print Industry Better For The Environment?
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  • 12 Feb 2021

The term of first going Paperless was coined by Xerox, which is an international document company, around some forty years ago... Still, a notion though as we cannot go fully digital. Don't take it wrong going paperless is a huge benefit, and Printer offline is something that we all want to achieve someday. But with all of those benefits there come disadvantages like costs, viruses, hackers stealing our data, Human inaccuracy, difficulties handling data online, and other Compliance issues.

It is only because of this and the fact that humans hate "change" that photocopiers and printers are still viewed as the reliable source for data handling and as an essential office requirement, for many different industries. Besides, Print Setup doesn't have to be bad for the environment as many managers are now adopting the methods of using papers & inks that are bio-degradable and made from environment-friendly substances rather than prevailing options.

The pulp is the fundamental base for all paper products. The pulp often known as wood fibers is either made by biodegradable or recyclable means or by chipping of wood from the trees. Many papers that are made of wood pulp are fiber-based like Baryta papers, Alpha Cellulose Papers, Cotton Fiber-Based Papers these are highly used in photography and art business and are the ultimate sources of wood pulp making process.

Manufacturers going Green Printing

Luckily with the need to grow environmentally friendly together with the help of technological advancement, companies have engineered the smartest products that are both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Additionally, there are printers like Multifunctional printers which for many years are very popular in the market,  who also are great contributors for eco-friendly products, as one need not purchase several printers for different practices. Meaning it also saves space, saves the costs of the office, and also for the environment.

Epson has several printing machines in the market with the name of "Eco-Tank" These are also 5 in one machinery that can copy/print/fax/photo and print. Epson WorkForce WF-3450- the 4 in 1 machine for printing copying scanning faxing uses 70% less power than laser ones and also saves up to 40% inks.

Lexmark MS310dn is another such kind that produces good prints and supports Eco-Mode.

HP doesn't want to come behind so they have also supplied us with Hewlett Packard Envy 120, which is very sleek stylish equipped with all the services including being wireless supports a low halogen for saving energy and has a tag of Qualification of Energy Star.

Overall Shutting down the Printing Industry is not a solution. As we are not going to go 100% in some years, incorporating green printing is a good printing practice that should be adopted in every office. By utilizing this we can ensure that our carbon footprint is remaining less and that a sustainable work environment can be achieved. In a time where uncertainties are fraught we should adopt everything, we can so that our life becomes easier live, one such thing about having issues with printers or their setups can also be solved by contacting Printer support number which is available 24*7 for any needful printer related assistance.

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