Word Print Function Is Not Responding, What To Do?

Word Print Function Is Not Responding, What To Do?
  • Tech Support Helpline
  • 07 Jun 2021

Microsoft Word is probably one of the most used programs on our computers especially the users who use Windows OS. The program is great like no other, however, sometimes a nuisance arises which does not let us print and hamper our productivity. Some Windows 10 users also face such types of problems of the Printer not responding or working.

Let's Find out How We Can Fix Them.

Simple Steps To Fix This Error

Reboot & Restart Everything

Before moving forward, please make sure you saved what you want in your machine and back out all software and open windows. Then restart your computer and unplug and plug it, then you can restart your Printer to restart it. Use a router if you don’t already have one. It might fix some issues that are keeping you from printing your Word document.

Check With Your Printers

Ensure that the printers are switched on and that each cable is connected tightly and has been securely installed.  Also, confirm that the paper is not jammed in the paper trays or the condition of the paper is of good quality. Eliminate curled, hard or bent papers to prevent added jams from occurring.

Check With Your Connections

Is the device displayed on Windows showing you offline status? The tested interface you are accepting to connect the Printer to your PC is operating? If it is a USB connection system, then check the cables again to sit tight and work correctly. If it’s wireless, search your router network to see if it’s within range. Ensure that each computer and hardware part is working right before you start printing the document again.

If you are still can’t print, check that your Printer is set to offline mode. To do this, choose Start, open Settings, then go to Devices > Printers and Scanners. Choose the Printer that is showing you an error in the new window and click Open queue. Below the Printer, verify whether the Use Printer Offline option is selected. Do try the next step if the issue still persists.

Work On A Different Word Document

Your problem may have to do with the original file with the error itself. Who knows? It may be damaged, or it may contain a  corrupted format that the Printer does not recognize. Try opening a new blank document, see if your printer is working for the next document. If this is the case, then either change the text or paste it into the next document. You may need to change the text, but this step is hopefully the remedy to fix the problem.

Still, if the Word is displaying an error then you can call our Printer Helpline at +1-888-751-4951. They will guide you through every help in solving the errors in your printers for expert assistance.

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