Xerox Printer “Offline Error” How To Fix?

Xerox Printer “Offline Error” How To Fix?
  • Tech Support Helpline
  • 23 Jun 2021

Xerox printers can go offline just like any other printer due to various reasons. So, if your Xerox printers are going offline then don’t skip checking up for the following reasons given below:


Actually, one of the most common causes could be when Xerox printers are not connected, Especially if the printer is not a wireless printer it can be worn/broken/loose cable fault or a USB disconnection

  • Ensure that your USB is attached to the printer in the correct manner.

If it’s not then the notification of the Printer being offline will starts displaying.


Sometimes the printer driver software of the hardware can become obsolete with time.

  • The driver must be refreshed and updated to repair the Xerox printer’s irrelevant drawback.
  • To update the driver visit the manufacturer’s website with the support and assistance of the official printer services.

Step 3 Check Printer Cables

As mentioned above this is the step to check the USB cables and other ports of your Xerox printer, computer, and internet connection. Do make sure that cables are inserted firmly. If you find any wobbly or breakage in the wire(s) then quickly replace it with the fresh strong one. On the other hand in the case of wireless xerox networks, make sure that your printer is completely connected with the router by monitoring the IP Address and others.

Step 4- Set the Xerox Printer to “Online” Manually.

You can likewise set your Xerox printer device online manually by following these easy steps:

  • Go to the start button, from there open the control panel option and then select device and printer choice.
  • Now, you require to right-click on the Xerox printer in question and see what’s printing.
  • Afterward, click on the Xerox Printer button from the menu bar, which you can see on the right-hand top side of the system.
  • Select the Use Printer online option from the following drop-down menu.

Step - 5 Clear All the remaining pending Printing Jobs

  • Clear all the previously pending printing documents you may have scheduled before.
  • From the menu of seeing what’s printing menu, you need to right-click and then click the cancel button from any print job that is presented.
  • Once the print jobs are cleared, click on the Use Printer Online.
  • If you still see your systems showing that your printing job is remaining, restart the PC as well as your Xerox printer.
  • This is another method that you can choose to resolve the offline printing error in the Xerox printer. At the time of not getting the desired or expected results, move forward with other methods.

Inquire For Help At The Technical Support

If you find it difficult to manage the drivers or any printer related errors, then seek the help of the Technical support time by calling the Printer Helpline number +1-888-751-4951

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